Filter Stories are audio stories about people facing life-changing challenges who are, in some way, connected to coffee. Each episode follows a unique personal story that reveal surprising aspects of the coffee world.

Each 30 minute episode takes over 100 hours of work, including flying across the world, interviewing many people and editing each episode over and over again to create a gripping story. 

The first episodes drop every two weeks over August and October 2018 and future episodes will be released in 2019.

Filter Stories is made by me, James Harper. I'm a Berlin-based specialty coffee professional and lover of narrative journalism stories.

I've worked in wholesale coffee sales for Grinders Melbourne, helped stage manage the World Barista Championships and was The Barn Berlin’s International Wholesale Manager. 

I started Filter Stories because I came across so many incredible personal stories while following my own journey. Complex, uncomfortable, profound stories. The kind of stories that are the gritty reality behind photoshopped Instagram posts. 

I decided to turn these raw stories into a professional podcast that reveal the surprising realities of the specialty coffee world. To test it out, I created a pilot episode about Martin Shabaya, the Barista Champion of Kenya, and got an incredible response.

Nine months later I've left my job in Berlin, travelled to far flung corners of the world and learnt Spanish in six weeks to get a season's worth of incredible personal stories on tape. 

I've written self-deprecatingly about my own personal story too on my blog,